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Digitize your
Requisition and Spend Management with Flex

Streamline your approval process and save hours with automatic disbursements. Use Flex comprehensive report that integrates with any accounting software to close books 5 days faster

Why use Flex

We’ve combined seamless expense management and hitch-free payment so you never overspend again.


Get started in minutes with Flex Requisition and Spend management system, #1 rated app that every Finance person/Ceo loves


Digitize your approval process and save days each month reconciling expenses, Flex can be customized to your company's need.

Smarter Spending

We've combined seamless expense management and hitch-free payment, so you can optimize your company's disbursement process


Best anti-fraud technology used by top companies in the world.

Close books 5 days faster

Get rid of messy paper trails with our automated expense reports that make sure every money spent is accounted for.

Also, ensure that your accounting departments and finance teams are more effective and that your financial house is in order.

Outshine your peers

Optimize your company's requisition process to the efficiency you have always dreamed of.

With Flex you can make your company spend smarter and showcase your forward-thinking prowess and stand out among your peers

Pay multiple persons easier and at once

With Flex you enjoy smooth transactions. Enjoy making seamless single transfers and even multiple transfers to up to 1000 people at once with cheaper transaction fees.

That means you get to easily pay vendors and employee salaries, etc, at a go.


Smart budgeting

Control spending before it happens with Flex Smart budgeting. With built-in budget alerts, Flex helps to manage your company spending efficiently

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How to use Flex

In this video, you will see how easy it is to use your Flex app, to track your expenses on the go, make seamless payments (single and bulk transfers), get a birds eye view of how much you have spent in a month, make quick bill payments, and other smooth transactions.