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What is Expense Tracking?

Expense tracking is a tool designed to help businesses and teams track their business expenses. It helps them organize, categorize, and gain insights from their spending.

Leading organisations use expense tracking tools to easily know how funds in their company are being spent, it provides them the data to make smarter spending decisions.

Save 42.8 hours

Flex helps you save over 42.8 hours/month in expense reconciliation.

100% visibility

Flex helps you see everything, it automatically records every money your business spends.

Budget better

Flex helps you manage your budget better, by giving you full visibility in to all your business spending.


Smart business wallet

Flex gives every business organization a business expense wallet to fund and track their expenses in real-time.

These business wallet is smarter than your normal banking account, because it helps you categorise every transfer/transaction, saving you time on expense reconciliation.


View expenses and export CSV easily

With Flex Expense Tracking, you dont have to wait till the end of the month to view your expenses, you can view how your business is spending, and how your employees are spending with just a glance.

No more requesting for bank statements, you can view and export your expenses in csv format anytime.


Expense reports and insights

Flex helps you centralize all your spending in one place. Streamlining your finance team's review and reconciliation effort.

It automatically captures and accounts for every money spent in your organisation, and generates a monthly report for you filled with insights so you can make smarter spending decisions.


See everything your business spends… Use Flex Expense Tracking Today

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