What is a Sub wallet?

Sub-accounts make life easy for business owners, COOs, and Finance people. Sub-wallets are a simple, straightforward way to separate funds for different projects, different branches, or different departments, so as to segment and monitor spending.

100% Visibility

Gain full visibility on how all monies are spent by other team members in your organisation.

100% Control

Have full control over how each department/team member spends money.

Expense report

Reduce your reconciliation work, get an insightful expense report on all spending in one place.


Easily Fund, Track In Real-Time And Get Expense Reports

With the Flex Platform, you can easily fund sub-wallets, track spending in real time, and export expenses anytime from sub-wallets. You also get monthly expense reports on all spending.

Easily Create Free Sub Wallets

As soon as you sign up for Flex, you can start creating unlimited sub wallets as you want in less than 5 minutes. No more managing spending across multiple bank accounts and the stress of reconciling the expenses. With Flex, create and manage all sub-wallets all in one place.

Segment And Organize Spending

Segment and organize your company spending with Flex sub wallets. Create sub wallets to manage spending in different departments, different projects, different expenses, and sister companies and manage them all on one platform.

Get 100% visibility on all spending with Flex Sub-wallets. A Better, transparent system.

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