Spend Management and Corporate Cards for Agro-allied Businesses

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Sub-Accounts for Departments/Subsidiaries

As an agro-business, you understand that financial management can be complex, especially when dealing with different departments or subsidiaries.

With Flex you gain full visibility into how money is being spent within your organization by different departments or subsidiaries, and make informed


Digitize Pre-Payment Approvals

Do you find it frustrating to manage pre-payment approvals manually, using tools like WhatsApp, Google Sheets, and emails?

With Flex Finance, you can easily digitize your pre-payment approvals and have full control over how money leaves your business, all in one platform.

Secured Bulk Payment Solution with 99% Success Rate

Flex Finance offers a highly secure, bank-grade secured business wallet that gives agro-allied companies end-to-end visibility on all payments.

With a 99% success rate, Flex Payments is more powerful than your regular bank.

100% visibility

Gain full visibility on all monies spent by other team members in your organization


With our proprietary payment solution, manage your company spending on a platform with bank-grade security, PIN, and 2fa security available

Expense report

Reduce your reconciliation work, get an insightful expense report on all spending in one place

“The Sub Accounts feature, has been a game-changer for us. Prior to using Flex, one of our biggest challenges was tracking the spending of our field agents and the bottleneck of signatories having to approve disbursements. This led to a lot of delays. With Flex we have been able to decentralize our payment process and this has made it easier to manage and track our spending.”

Ewere Ailkwe
Finance Manager, Releaf

Additional industries using Flex