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What is an Overdraft?

An overdraft is a line of credit that allows you to cover your business expenses when you don't have enough money in your account.

With an overdraft, the service provider will pay for your business expenses and you pay back the money at a later date with interest.

Instant credit

No more running out of cash to pay vendors, no more late payroll.

No unnecessary paperwork

Get a collateral-free quick capital for your business.

Better interest rates

Get capital for your business at a lower interest rate.


One-click instant credit

With just one click, you can always draw funds from your credit line, with no wait time. The money is instantly available to you in your Flex wallet.

The size of the credit available to you keeps increasing based on your Flex usage score.


Flexible repayments

We offer flexible repayment options. We schedule your repayments to fit your projected inflows and choose the repayment plan that works for you, be it weekly or monthly.

Business Advance

Pay vendors directly, settle payroll. We pay your vendors or cover your salaries and you pay us back within 30 days.

Get quick credit now for your business, With just one click and no hassle…

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