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What is an Expense Card?

An expense card, also known as a corporate or business card, is a payment card issued by a company for employees to cover business expenses, providing streamlined expense management.

It simplifies transactions, automates recording, and categorizes expenses, reducing the need for personal cards and expediting reimbursement processes.

100% Reliable

It’s 100% reliable for handling software subscriptions, international travel, and making any purchases online.

No nasty surprises

Set budgets and spending limits on all cards for all departments. Have full visibility into all spending with no nasty surprises.

Safe Card Payments

Create cards with unique details and attach each payment to an individual user, so you can easily track ‘who’ spent ‘what’. And enjoy higher transaction limits.


Create as many cards as you like

Flex helps you Issue unlimited cards(physical and virtual) to your employees to manage and control your online spending, You'll have full control over your company's spending with customizable, easy-to-use cards. Equip your employees with cards that allow you to control their spending and monitor their budgets in every department.

Manage cards from desktop or mobile

Manage cards from anywhere. Team members can request top-ups from the mobile app, and managers can approve spending just as easily. Finance teams can track all company cards from a single dashboard, freeze cards or pause payments—all from the palm of their hands.

Track Card Spending in real-time

See all spending as it is happening in real-time. Say goodbye to reconciling diverse payment methods, Easily know "who" spent "what" and Ensure seamless spending compliance.

See how easy it is to track card spending with Flex Expense Cards

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