Spend Management Solution for Education Companies

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Digital approval process + sub-accounts

Flex digitizes your approvals process, making it easy for manufacturing companies to have end-to-end visibility on all spending.

With Flex, you can manage all pre-payment requests, approvals, and disbursements in one place, be it on your desktop or mobile phone.

And you can easily create and track multi-departmental spending with Flex-sub-accounts


Monitor budgets + Expense Categorization

Set spending limits, monitor budgets, track, and reconcile every payment your team makes in real-time with Flex Expense Tracking, With all expenses automatically categorized.
Get insightful expenses reports on company spending and team spending; you can export in CSV anytime.

Secured Payment solution With 99% Success Rate

Flex payments is a highly secure, bank-grade secured business wallet to make it easy for manufacturing companies to have end-to-end visibility on all payments. It's more powerful than your regular bank and has 99% success rate.

Finance teams can track and make single and bulk payments to up to 1000 people at a go (with no need for bank codes)

100% visibility

Gain full visibility on all monies spent by team members in your organization


With our proprietary payment solution, Manage your company spending and approval workfkow on a platform with top bank-grade security through a secure PIN, 2fa and much more.

Expense Report

Reduce your reconciliation work, get an insightful expense report on all spending in one place.

“Flex really changed our business. Immediately we started using Flex, we could see everything.
Flex helps us categorize our expenses so we could easily track how much money was spent on any event.
We now know what to use money for, what to save money for and how to scale our business. No more unexplained spending.”

Nwachukwu Claud
Ceo, events by Claud

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