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Close books 5x faster with Flex digital approval

Are you tired of using Whatsapp, Google Sheets, Emails, and Complex software your team doesn't understand, to manage pre-payment approvals?

Flex Digital Approval helps you digitize your approval and disbursement process, so you can easily control how money leaves the company and close books 5x faster.


Monitor budgets + Expense Categorization

Set spending limits, monitor budgets, track, and reconcile every payment your team makes in real-time with Flex Expense Tracking, With all expenses automatically categorized.

Get insightful expenses reports on company spending and team spending; you can export in CSV anytime.

Centralize Cross-Departmental Spending

Easily manage Cross-departmental spending in one place and have 100% visibility into company spending across different teams and departments with Flex Sub-Wallets.

Finance teams can also track and make single and bulk payments to up to 1000 people at a go (with no need for bank codes) with Flex proprietary payment at a 99.99% success rate.


With our proprietary payment solution, manage your company spending on a platform with bank-grade security, PIN, and 2fa security available

100% visibility

Gain full visibility on all monies spent by other team members in your organization.

Export in CSV

Export expenses anytime in CSV format into any software you choose.

“As a remote team, Flex makes it super easy for us to manage our approval workflow. The best part is that their payments are so fast and reliable. I can also export our transactions and reconcile much quicker than I used to. Budgeting on Flex is fantastic!”

Chioma Daniels
Head of finance, Talent QL

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