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What is a Bulk Payment?

Businesses have many payments to make regularly, which can take up a lot of time and resources. Bulk payment is a way to make many payments at once and save time and money.

The money is transferred and tracked in real-time, and it's the preferred choice for modern businesses to pay multiple vendors and employee salaries.

Save time

No more sending payments to multiple recipients one after the other. Instantly transfer to all banks without the need for bank codes.


Track multiple payments in one place and automatically get the status for each transaction.

99.9% Success rate

With our proprietary payment solution, you are guaranteed better success rates and greater security with 2fa.


Upload excel files

No more sending transfers one after the other. With Flex Easy Bulk Payment, you can upload your excel file containing your vendors and their bank details on the Flex platform, then sit back and watch Flex Easy Bulk Payment handle the rest.

You can also use it to pay all your staff too.

And if you don't have excel files, no worries, you can use the Flex's inbuilt "Add more" function to add as many recipients as you want, and you can also save it for future use.


Track all bulk payments in real time

With Flex Easy Bulk Payments, you can easily track all your bulk transfer batch by batch. Get the status of all transfers in real-time.

No need for bank codes

Just upload your file for payment, and Flex will handle the rest. With Flex's proprietary payment solution no need to worry about inputting bank codes; we've already taken care of that for you.

All payments are secured and instant.


Pay 1000 people at once with just one click. Start using Flex Easy Bulk Payments now.

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