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What is Payment Approval Management?

It is a system of checks and balances used by forward-thinking businesses worldwide (big and small businesses).

It's a role-based access privilege that ensures every money that leaves a business is approved by an approver, according to the pre-defined set of rules for financial accountability.

Save 40.5 hours/month

Flex helps you save over 40.5 hours/month by reducing end-to-end approval cycle time.

100% Control

Enjoy end-to-end control on all payment requests, all in one place.

Save money

Enjoy end-to-end visibility from the requester to approver to disburser. No more unexplained spending


Get started in 5 Minutes

No complicated onboarding, no staff training needed. It's as simple as signing up for an email.

Assign Approval Roles

Customize your approval flow according to your company's spending policies. Assign who the first approver will be, the second approver, the disburser, and as many roles as possible. You can also assign roles per amount limit. Easily distribute approver powers, and watch how efficient your entire approval process becomes

Approval + Disbursements

Flex digital approvals are bundled with a powerful bank-grade secured business wallet to make it easy for businesses to have end-to-end visibility on all spending. Say goodbye to using complex software, emails, google sheets, and WhatsApp to manage your approvals.

With Flex, you can manage all your pre-payment requests, reimbursement, approvals, and disbursements in one place.


Save time and money. Switch to Flex Approvals… A Better, Digital Approval system

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