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Easily Control How Money Leaves Your Startups

Are you tired of using Whatsapp, Google Sheets, Emails, and Complex software your team doesn't understand, to control pre-payment approvals?
Flex helps you digitize your pre-payment approvals, so you can have 100% control over how money leaves your business, be it from your mobile phone or the web. And all these operations happen on one platform.

100% visibility

At a glance, Flex shows you how every department in your organization spends any time. No more unexplained spending. Flex gives you complete visibility on how all monies are spent.

The Flex platform is equipped with every tool you need, such as Expense Tracking and Budgeting, Digital Pre-payment Approval, etc.

Need To Borrow Naira Against Your Dollar?

Need Naira to pay salaries and vendors before you liquidate your dollars? Use Flex Business Advance, We pay your vendors or cover your salaries, and you pay us back within 30 days.
Expense report

Reduce your reconciliation work, get an insightful expense report on all spending in one place

100% visibility

Gain full visibility on all monies spent by other team members in your organization


With our proprietary payment solution, manage your company spending on a platform with bank-grade security, PIN, and 2fa security available

“As a remote team, Flex makes it super easy for us to manage our approval workflow. The best part is that their payments are so fast and reliable. I can also export our transactions and reconcile much quicker than I used to. Budgeting on Flex is fantastic!”

Chioma Daniels
Head of finance, Talent QL

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