Why use Flex?

Because we at Flex believe businesses in Africa should have access to easy to use financial tools that will help them save time and money, thereby helping them eliminate waste and tiring manual processes. Your Flex business wallet combines the best in financial technology to help you enjoy smooth payments(with cheaper fees) and efficiently track every money spent.


Easy sign up

Set up your smart business wallet in less than 2 minutes.


Track as you spend

Create your monthly budget, fund your account, track as you spend and never overspend again.



Yes we are highly secured, because we are connected to the best security and anti-fraud infrastructure used by the best companies in the world.


Monthly Spending Reports

With your Flex reports, easily reconcile your spending and close your books faster.


Bulk Transfers

Enjoy making transfers to up to 1000 people at once with cheaper transaction fees, pay vendors, salaries, etc, at a go.


Affordable transaction fees

Enjoy high transaction success with cheaper fees. We know how hard you work for your money, so we are offering 0 fee for transactions below 5k and a fixed fee of N15 for any amount above 5k

Built with for businesses

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